What is love?


You can feel it but you can’t tough it. You can see it (happen) but you can grasp it. What do we love? How do we love? Their are so many kinds of love : The love you have for your siblings , friends, parents , spouse , boyrfiend , girlfriend , husband , wife. The love for music , dancing , singing , painting , working , helping , sharing , our passion. The love you have for the beaurty of the world, the planet , earth , nature , life .. It  gives us a warm feeling from inside , deep down in our body , mind , spirit and soul!Love is endless ,love is pure , love is real , we all adore ….  Love is to bare and to share or show someone how much you care.Their is a thin line between love and hate but which one wouldyou rather create ?What is love? Love is so many things… Love at first sight. Falling in love. Being loved. Feeling love. Sharing love. Tough love.It’s everywhere.We just need to cherrish the moment. Because without it , we would be nowhere. Let’s start healing the world!

Peace and love.



Life = The greatest show on earth.


Life is the greatest show on earth.
Starring: Us
We all know our beginning but the ending is still unknown.
Actually we don’t even have a director or storywriter. We have the pen and have to write our own story.
You can write a thriller , a story of a lifetime , or a horror movie.
You even decide your own soundtrack(mood) and your co-stars (friends).
You can decide to be the leadplayer or just another castmember..

Decide you own scenario’s , gray streets and rain overflowing the pavements or cherryblossom trees with birds flying high.Don’t you rather want to be a classic than another one hit wonder? Yes is tought so! So why don’t you start today with making your life the way YOU want it to be!! Because a year from now you will regret why you didn’t started today.”Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” Don’t let it waste but just stop.And enjoy:)