Just like a child

ImageA Child is Pure.

We where born not knowing what race we are. We where born not knowing what age we are. We where born not knowing which words to speak. We where born not knowing who’s praise to seek.

We didn’t know which land we come from. We didn’t know on which planet we where. We didn’t know that time had been given a number. We didn’t know that there is something like an end,

We didn’t know nothing and nothing knew us. 

Then we grew up. And learned right from wrong. We had been told  the weak from strong.But how do we know justice. If justice isn’t always the way it’s  always been told?

Because a richman’s garbage can be a poor man’s gold!!

So don’t seperate yourself from the puzzle of earth.We all belong togheter. Black & white there is no wrong and no right.Just living. enjoy and live just like the young . enjoy and live just like a child. enjoy and live.


Life = The greatest show on earth.


Life is the greatest show on earth.
Starring: Us
We all know our beginning but the ending is still unknown.
Actually we don’t even have a director or storywriter. We have the pen and have to write our own story.
You can write a thriller , a story of a lifetime , or a horror movie.
You even decide your own soundtrack(mood) and your co-stars (friends).
You can decide to be the leadplayer or just another castmember..

Decide you own scenario’s , gray streets and rain overflowing the pavements or cherryblossom trees with birds flying high.Don’t you rather want to be a classic than another one hit wonder? Yes is tought so! So why don’t you start today with making your life the way YOU want it to be!! Because a year from now you will regret why you didn’t started today.”Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” Don’t let it waste but just stop.And enjoy:)