Just like a bird


A bird  sitting on a branch of a tree is not afraid by the shaking branch. Because the bird trust not on the branch but on his own wings. Beleive in yourself…

If you feel you are losing the ground under your feet , don’t sweat it. It’s ok because that ground isn’t your only foundation. You have ‘wings’you can ‘fly’. You are the one who has your own life in control. You can change the place you are if you feel like it isn’t you place. That’s the beauty of being in control over our ow body , mind and soul. It may look hard but always remember that every little step toward succes , progress , change .. is one step closer. It just takes one step at a time. And you might me a slow ‘stepper’ but eventualy you will get there..

– I’m like a bird 🙂 –



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