Limited amounts of breaths


“We only have a limited amounts of breaths, how are we/you going to use them?”

So here you are , reading this post from behind your mobile / computers screen / laptop or i pad. You might be on a break from work/school or enjoying your vacation or just browsing around the internet.
After reading this , what’s next? Do you have things to do , are you busy ? Where do you see yourself at this time next year? And do you already have a 5 year plan scedueled out?

Girls are most likely to have their life plan figured out at a really young age. Graduate from high school then moving out or/and going to college/uni. After graduating college/uni probably getting engaged to their boyfriend, moving in together , found a full time job that fit’s their education , get married and have children BEFORE they hit 30..Perfect isn’t it?

Boys MAY have the same goals, but slightly different. They don’t have the pressure of having babies or being a parent before a certain age. They might have more luck finding a Job sooner. And might not bother being single , because they aren’t ready for commitment as much as women are.

Anyway … It all depends on who they are , where they life .. And so on.

But wait a minute …. Is that what life is all about? -> school , graduate , job , get married , have children. Life passes us by while we do these things. And everything what happens in-between these things is what life ACTUALY is all about. Going to our first ball/prom , our birthdays , your first ride on a bike , conquering a sickness , your family , your friends , achieving a world record , winning at a competition you have trained so hard for , summer holidays , and all the memories you have / will / and are going to build for now and the rest of your life..

Where are we heading and why do we want what we want NOW? Do we even know what the end is ? When are you totally happy with your life and when can you finally say that ‘ You made it !’ What is IT? Has anybody ever found IT ?!

It can’t be ‘having all the money in the world’. It can’t be ‘ being the most famous person on earth’. It can’t be ‘ finally succesfully committing revenge on your enemy’s” It can’t be ‘ being the ruler of the world’ It can’t be ‘ having the most friends in the world’ It can’t be anywhing we could ever imagine..

I think that the journey we make to our goal ( whatever that may be) is what makes our lives interesting , worth living , and exciting.

So what do you life for ?



Just like a bird


A bird  sitting on a branch of a tree is not afraid by the shaking branch. Because the bird trust not on the branch but on his own wings. Beleive in yourself…

If you feel you are losing the ground under your feet , don’t sweat it. It’s ok because that ground isn’t your only foundation. You have ‘wings’you can ‘fly’. You are the one who has your own life in control. You can change the place you are if you feel like it isn’t you place. That’s the beauty of being in control over our ow body , mind and soul. It may look hard but always remember that every little step toward succes , progress , change .. is one step closer. It just takes one step at a time. And you might me a slow ‘stepper’ but eventualy you will get there..

– I’m like a bird 🙂 –